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About Beds is a young and innovative company established with the purpose of, retailing nationally throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia, a select range of quality furniture items. The surge in building and tourism industries, rapid market expansion, and general economic activity over the greater part of the decade, in both residential and commercial sectors, has fuelled prolific growth in the furniture retail industry.

About Beds’ products are sourced from respected and reliable manufacturers that focus on quality, affordable products for our customers.

What this means for our network of About Beds Franchisees are:

  • A healthy GDP growth in excess of 15% per annum for their business;
  • High-quality products from reliable manufacturers for their customers;
  • 30 Years experience in the furniture market;
  • Significant spending by consumers on household products;
  • A general trend of homeowners intent on trading up to a better property, a better lifestyle and or improving the existing property and household assets.

About Beds currently operates in Botswana with 4 Retail Outlets and growing, About Beds intend to operate branches throughout South Africa via independent franchised operations that share one common goal:

  • To generate wealth for themselves and for one another by providing the customer with a solution that meets their household needs, whether it is comfortable, luxurious or affordable living.

To date, activity within the furniture retail market has generally been driven by large corporations that can invest millions into national outlet infrastructure, intricate logistic channels, and vast amounts of stock. This served as a conduit for the formation of fortified entry barriers that protected well-established participants. However, The South African market has adopted a new approach of entering a market, through franchising.

Franchising allows About Beds to enter an extremely lucrative market segment successfully. It does this by allowing entrepreneurs to invest an affordable amount of cash into a franchised business model that has proven to be very successful over the past couple of years.

As such the model helps to secure market and brand share growth and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate a solid return on investment and prosperity, for themselves and their families.

About Beds Concept

About Beds has formed several strategically important and powerful alliances with manufacturers and wholesalers, giving franchisees access to a virtually limitless supply of furniture products under various brand names.

About Beds provides a rich source of knowledge of local market conditions, marketing expertise and systems-related capability that paves the way for instant transacting and on-time logistics. These attributes, in conjunction with the quality products and unassailable price leadership, should translate into a fair degree of market dominance over the next ten years.

About Beds has opted for franchising as a vehicle for market development, based on various successful rollouts. A limited number of opportunities are presented to select individuals to own a substantial part of the furniture retail market.

An About Beds franchise will provide its clients, homeowners, hotels, hostels and guesthouse with the following benefits:

  • On-time logistics through direct supply from the manufacturer through the franchise to the customer;
  • Instant off-the-shelf supply to the public;
  • A vast range of quality products;
  • Easy to use ordering & financial systems;
  • Full warranty and technical support on all products;
  • Elimination of the tedious and often time consuming  most importantly;
  • Savings to customer due to bulk bargaining power.

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The About Beds Offer

Franchising provides a collective negotiation power without which the individual dealer would not be able to compete. It also lays the foundation for a learning network through which its members benefit from a tried and tested strategy and continuously learns from one another. It builds a collective brand which drives profits and secures continuity. It allows for centralised marketing campaigns and economies of scale shared throughout the system.

Franchising also provides a measure of centralised control over aspects such as the price and quality of the product and service level aspects incorporated into the offering. In a competitive business environment, effective and proven systems, professional sales techniques, and customer service methodology are the pillars of differentiation and advantage.

The About Beds solution and business model constitute such a platform.

An About Beds franchisee can expect the following from its franchisor:

  • Our best efforts to ensure availability and on-time delivery of stock; A simple but effective business plan;
  • Comprehensive product, systems, market training, technical and management support;
  • Quality products with full warranties and technical backup where relevant; Assistance with establishment of the franchise outlets;
  • A comprehensive range of stock;
  • Regularly updated promotional materials;
  • Centralised marketing campaigns generating valuable business leads locally;
  • Access to state of the art ordering and financial systems; and control.


Business protocol and ethics

About Beds is a company based on high-value principles that go beyond the engagement rules prescribed by recognised business ethics. We do endeavour to be professional, diligent, responsible and profitable, but we also believe that chasing money alone is an empty goal and exercise in futility. Instead, we pursue the good that sharing success with others can bring, including money, friendship, achievement, and quite simply good fun.

We trust that you will find us flexible in approach but rigid in determination to serve our clients, shareholders, and employees.

Investment and expected returns

The set-up cost of a Franchise will depend on the amount of stock carried, size and demographic profile of the area identified and will vary depending on whether the Franchise is in or near a city or in a rural area.

Income Potential

  • Annual income                                     2 to 6 Million plus per annum
  • Profit Potential                                    45% gross profit margin ( 900k –2.7 m) p/a
    • Note: 6. Values are quoted in local currency.
    • Note: 7. Disclaimer -Income and results are not intended to serve as guarantees.

(Please refer to the Cash Flow Analysis for more detailed projections).

Franchise Location

There are various location or site options relating to an About Beds Franchise.

  • A showroom, shop-front set up preferably within a high traffic area such as a retail park or shopping centre.
  • A house office conversion with high traffic and awareness.

Awareness is the name of the game, the more traffic you have the more aware you will be.

Recommended course of action

About Beds has appointed Gideon Van Dyk, a specialist in the retail market to attend to all franchise inquiries.

Gideon may be contacted at +27 63 319 5584 or +267 75 561 1425 or at


New Franchisee Check List

  1. Necessary finance arranged
  2. Franchise Agreement signed
  3. Invoice/ quotation books received and accounting system in place
  4. Business cards, brochures received and adequate stationery ordered
  5. Bank account opened
  6. Employees engaged, trained and instructed
  7. Conditions of employment prepared (e.g. hours of work, the rate of pay etc.)
  8. Signage arranged. (Vehicle and banners)
  9. Source of suppliers arranged
  10. Registration as taxpayer, VAT vendor and employer with Receiver of Revenue
  11. Suitable vehicle obtained
  12. CC registration. (CK7 and CK1) Only SA
  13. Telephone, fax and cell phone application.
  14.  Post office box number and e-mail address forwarded
  15. Registration of skills Levy
  16. Training with About Beds on products

About Beds (Pty) Ltd

For more information, please contact:

Gideon van Dyk


Phone: 00267 75 561 1425 or 0027 63 319 5584

Or simply register below and Gideon will call you!




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