Botswana features 5 trading stores. Three stores are situated in Gaborone and the remaining two stores are located in Francistown and Serowe

1. About Beds Northgate: This was the first About Beds store to open in Botswana. It is located at the Northgate Crossing Mall, Gaborone, Botswana. The store is currently managed by Ame Nkeetsile, please see the contact details below. This store carries the standard stock range


2. About Beds Old Lobatse Road: This store is located next to the OLd Lobatse Road, in Gaborone, Botswana. The store neighbours Mr Price, a well-known clothing retailer. Then store is managed by Eva Jabari.




3. About Beds Fairgrounds:  Conveniently located off the Samora Michelle Drive, between the MOtor Center Show Room and the Puma Fuel Station. This store is managed by Thapelo Mawela.



4. About Beds, Francistown is located in Blue Jacket Street, adjacent to the Botswana Post. This store is managed by Tusus Ketshabile.


5. The fifth store is located in Serowe at the Boiteko Junction Mall. The store is managed by Tegbogo Moleele.




Jan 2018.jpg









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